Hello World

I got it, okay? I should write my first article. That’s what I’m doing, stop worrying, WordPress.

I don’t know where to start, but I can try, I guess.

Hi everyone. I’m Beatrice, I’m 21 and I live in Italy. Actually I’m Italian, but I love English so much that I prefer it, when it comes to writing. And this blog is going to include a lot of writing.

As you might guess from my age, I’m a University student – actually I’m almost done with my Bachelor degree (soooo stressful). Just for the record, my study field is Foreign Languages and Computer Science.

Now I am also an Erasmus student – I’m currently living in Riga, Latvia (do you know where it is?), but in these days I’m home for Christmas! I was sooo homesick, after four months, and I couldn’t wait to see my family again.

But let’s go to the important stuff. What should you know about me?

First and foremost, I am a writer. Writing is part of my soul. I’ve been writing stuff for seven years now (with a lot of breaks, tears and writer’s blocks) and I hope to publish something one day. For now, I’ll probably post something here (please don’t steal it. I still believe that mankind is good, don’t make me change my mind).

Second, I am a traveler. I love travelling so much I wish I could do it for all my life – but maybe I need a job first.

Third… I love books, movies and TV shows. And I love writing about them. So be ready for reviews, reactions and (unfortunately) spoilers.

The list goes on, but I’ll try to make it shorter: I am emotional, cynical (sometimes), easy to please, not so self-confident (but I’m working on it, or I wouldn’t be writing here right now). I’m an overthinker, and that’s kind of a problem, a dreamer, and a music lover.

There’s a lot more, maybe, but I think that for a first post is enough.

Welcome to this mad world that is my head, enjoy and hope you’ll keep following.



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